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 ​With a wealth of knowledge you can find online, the important question always remains. Who is best suited for the task of servicing your mortgage, and how much experience is necessary to handle your luxury home purchase?

As a mortgage company dedicated to bridging the understanding between borrowers and home loan programs available in today's market. It's often we are met with the highest honor of educating our clients with detailed information pertaining to options that can save them time, and money.   

The Mortgage Group has now made it fast, convenient, and reliable for prospective borrowers in California to qualify for a home loan with our online mortgage application. It's a simple 3-step process to get pre-approved, using only your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

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First Time Home Buyers, Purchase, Refinance, Residential, Commercial, Private Hard Money Loans.

The Best Mortgage Rates and Tech Based Service

Receiving the best rate on the market is top priority! Receive a quote from at least 3 different lenders all competing for your business! Effortlessly get your mortgage shopping done online! Electronically verify your qualifications for faster results! 

Low Down Payment Options

Our mortgage programs feature low down payment options to save you money on final closing costs! Receive the right loan to fit the perfect budget!

Asset Based Mortgage Programs - Alternative Financing

Unique qualifications require a unique approach. Getting you home financing using your assets as your source of income is now here. Alternative financing makes home financing easy, and convenient!

Self-Employed Home Financing

With so many self-employed entrepreneurs in today's thriving economy, we have featured loan programs to help them purchase a home with ease! Ask us how you can qualify to purchase a home using just your bank statements!

Close Fast With Streamline 4-Stage Loan Processing

Our 4-stage loan processing will make sure your experience is second to none. Stay up to date every step of the way, and enjoy the fast service from the beginning of your pre-approval to the closing stage where you sign the final documents for the purchase of your home!

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We have an array of awesome features to custom tailor your home mortgage around your desires, and needs. Borrowers receive so much more then options. They receive the best service while shopping for the best home mortgage!

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