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The Mortgage Group of Silicon Valley can provide you financing for your Commercial Real Estate purchase or refinance. The growth in the business sector reflects a thriving economy, and businesses are occupying commercial space now more than ever. 

Commercial Real Estate comes in all shapes, and sizes. We are here to help your inquiry go the extra mile by providing you with professional guidance on the different types of loan programs specific to the type of property you are inquiring of. 

If you are a business owner that has decided to purchase their very own storefront; we can provide you loan options based on your goals that fit your companies budget. Or perhaps, you are looking into purchasing a high-rise in a metropolitan area and can utilize financing to leverage the purchase. We can help. We can provide you with knowledgeable resources, and find you a loan program that give you the best results.

Commercial Purchase Loans - Purchasing Commercial Real Estate can make all the difference in your business or investment portfolio, and we can provide you a variety of customizable loan options around your goals, to purchase your Commercial Property.

Commercial Refinance Loans - Businesses owning Commercial Property have the ability to explore loan programs to fit their needs. Refinancing your existing loan for a better one can save you money off your monthly payments, and perhaps allow for cash-out to invest into your business, or other ventures. We can customize your loan options to make sure you receive the best results with your goals in mind.

Our ability to provide you sound advice, and in depth consultation can help you make your choice for a commercial loan, that much easier. With our seasoned Mortgage Advisors at your side, we make the process of purchasing or refinancing your commercial property an experience you can depend on.

We believe in helping you and your business thrive. Contact us directly for your free consultation, and apply online today to receive your Pre-Approved in fast as 48 hours!

City, Skyscraper, Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Financing, Private Hard Money Loans.

City, Skyscraper, Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Financing, Private Hard Money Loans.

Make Commercial Financing Work For You!

City, Skyscraper, Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Financing, Private Hard Money Loans.

Refinancing Bad Performing Commercial Mortgages

If you have a high interest or adjustable rate mortgage on your commercial loan, it might be time to talk to a mortgage advisor. 

Your mortgage should be running at top performance. With the help of The Mortgage Group you can results to your inquiry fast! Whether you need a great amount of guidance for a purchase, or simply making the right choice of a lower rate on your mortgage; we are here  to provide free consultation for your mortgage to run at TOP SPEED!

City, Skyscraper, Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Financing, Private Hard Money Loans.

Online Mortgage Shopping

With a wealth of knowledge you can find online, the important question always remains. Who is best suited for the task of servicing your mortgage, and how much experience is necessary to handle special circumstances that can use some extra advice? 

Working with people is what we do best! Let us take care of the hard part, and provide you solutions to your mortgage inquiry. With 15 years of experience, you can expect only quality consultation.   

City, Skyscraper, Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Financing, Private Hard Money Loans.

Bridging The Gap

As a Mortgage company dedicated to helping borrowers understand how mortgages work, it's often we are met with the highest honor of educating our clients with detailed information pertaining to current market trends, and available commercial loan options. 

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With technology driving today's competitive market, people need the power of financing at a moments notice. Traditional methods are just not cutting it, and banks have become increasingly difficult to deal with in a world moving faster everyday. Accommodations are necessary, and The Mortgage Group is your trusted resource for your Purchase or Refinance in California. 

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Featured financing options


Low Rates For Cash-Out Refinances

Receiving the best rate on the market is top priority! Receive a quote from at least 3 different lenders all competing for your business! Effortlessly get your mortgage shopping done online! 

Low Down Payment Options / Self-Employed Programs

Our mortgage programs feature low down payment options to save you money on final closing costs! Receive the right loan to fit the perfect budget! 

With so many self-employed entrepreneurs in today's thriving economy, we have featured loan programs to help them purchase a home with ease! Ask us how you can qualify to purchase a home using just your bank statements!

Commercial Loans With Challenged Credit

Credit has an important part in receiving funding, and with lenders aware of a large audience within these circumstances; there is a way to receive funding contact us for more information.

Alternative Financing

A variety of programs exist to service our clients with their specific needs for a mortgage. Refinancing a commercial loan can be easily attainable with more options. To know more contact us directly!

Close Fast With Streamline 4-Stage Processing

Our 4-stage loan processing will make sure your experience is second to none. Stay up to date every step of the way, and enjoy the fast service from the beginning of your pre-approval to the closing stage where you sign the final documents for the purchase or refinance of your commercial property.

...And Much Much More!

We have an array of awesome features to custom tailor your mortgage program around your goals. Borrowers receive so much more then options. They receive the best service while shopping for the best commercial mortgage!

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Experience world class mortgage consultation without the hassle of a traditional bank. 

We know your time is valuable, and that is why The Mortgage Group provides you loan programs that feature an array of custom financing options at the touch of a button. 

TMG's seamless mortgage application, and design process provides the convenience you need along with the comfort of professional consultation by your side. 

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